Artist’s Statement

Hi! I started this website in 2017 as a way to share my artwork with all of you.  While I have loved every minute of my previous careers (Textile/Surface Designer and Art Educator)  I felt like something was missing.  I started creating abstracts about 15 years ago and never looked back!  I am inspired by the beauty and colors of nature and have come to find that painting is my meditation.  I am creating art to evoke joy and serenity in my collectors’ homes and hearts.

As an artist, mother, wife and daughter I believe your home should be filled with pieces that represent your personality and bring you happiness.  Yes, your home should look like you.  Since I believe that choosing a piece of art is a very personal (and often difficult) decision to make, I want to share a little about me:

*I believe family makes a home beautiful

*I started painting in middle school and haven’t stopped

*I’m most inspired when I’m in nature or at the beach

*I feel most at home when I’m surrounded by different shades of blue

*My two favorite rooms in my home: my kitchen (my gathering place), where family and friends spend the most time together eating, laughing and talking; my studio (my creative space), where I have a clear, open mind and find peace in the creative process

*The best piece of advice I ever received was to let myself be vulnerable.  Artwork is so personal so you need to trust yourself and the entire process.

*I want more than anything to have viewers find peace and happiness in my work.

Thanks for stopping by!